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* Part number codes: AR = architectural pieces, BA = baluster system, CO = columns & caps,
FG = figures, animals, etc. , FT = fountains (Z indicates a complete fountain), PL = planters
P/N Description Dimensions wgt
Architectural Elements
AR 0601 A Spanish Corrible, XL 13"H x 11"W x 38"L
AR 0602 A Classic Mailbox post 54"H x 6"W x 11"L 150
AR 0603 A Neo-Classic Mailbox post 38"H x 9"W x 13"L 118
AR 0610 A 6" Window casing, strait 6"W x 2.5" thick
AR 0611 A 6" Window casing, arc 8"IR x 13"OR
AR 0611 B 6" Window casing, arc 12"IR x 17"OR
AR 0611 C 6" Window casing, arc 18"IR x 22.5"OR
AR 0611 D 6" Window casing, arc 24"IR x 29"OR
AR 0611 E 6" Window casing, arc 28"IR x 33"OR
AR 0611 F 6" Window casing, arc 38"IR x 43"OR
AR 0611 G 6" Window casing, arc 52"IR x 57"OR
AR 0611 H 6" Window casing, arc 66"IR x 71"OR
AR 0612 A 9" Window casing, strait 9"W x 3" thick
AR 0613 A 9" Window casing, arc 18"IR x 27"OR
AR 0613 B 9" Window casing, arc 75"IR x 84"OR
AR 0613 C 9" Window casing, arc 100.5"IR x 109.5"OR
AR 0613 D 9" Window casing, arc 150.5"IR x 159.5"OR
AR 0614 A Saunders small casing 3"W x 1.5" thick
AR 0615 A Saunders large casing 9"W x 3" thick
AR 0616 A Plain Window sill (variable length) 5"W x 5" thick
AR 0617 A Moustache Mantle, Large 9"W x 7" thick
AR 0630 A French Caratouche, large 55"H x 20"W
AR 0631 A French Caratouche, medium 46"H x 15"W
AR 0632 A Verona Tympanum 24"H x 64"W x 4"Deep
AR 0633 A Chambellan Brackets (pairs) 10"H x 7"W
AR 0634 A Monkeyface Bracket 9"H x 8.5"W
AR 0635 A Pan Bracket 7"H x 6"W
AR 0651 A Accent tile, Doc 4"H x 11.75"W n/a
AR 0652 A Accent tile, Grumpy 4"H x 11.5"W n/a
AR 0653 A Accent tile, Sleepy 2.5"H x 11.25"W n/a
AR 0654 A Accent tile, Sneezy 2.25"H x 9.5"W n/a
AR 0655 A Accent tile, Dopey 2"H x 7.75"W n/a
AR 0656 A Accent tile, Bashful 2.5"H x 8"W n/a
AR 0657 A Accent tile, Happy 2.25"H x 8"W n/a
AR 0658 A Accent tile, Thumper 8.75"H x 3"W n/a
AR 0659 A Accent tile, Balloo 2.75"H x 12.25"W n/a
AR 0660 A Accent tile, Dumbo 10"H x 7"W n/a
AR 0661 A Accent tile, Jiminey 6"H x 6"W n/a
AR 0662 A Accent tile, Cruella 2.25"H x 13"W n/a
AR 0663 A Accent trim, Tinkerbell 6"H x 6"W n/a
AR 0699 A Custom Fireplaces custom n/a
Balusters, Railing, Piers, and Caps
BA 0700 A Chicago baluster 27"H x 6.25"T x 6.25"B
BA 0701 A Bottle baluster 32.75"H x 6"T x 5.75"B
BA 0702 A Spanish Short baluster 19"H x 8"T x 8"B
BA 0703 A Column baluster, short 23"H x 6.75"T x 6.75"B
BA 0704 A Code Column baluster 39"H x 6.25"T x 6.25"B
BA 0705 A Mini baluster 11"H x 5"T x 5"B
BA 0706 A Tampa Large baluster 32"H x 6.5"T x 6.5"B
BA 0707 A Code Plain baluster 38.5"H x 6"T x 6"B
BA 0708 A Code Small Inset baluster 38.5"H x 6"T x 6"B
BA 0709 A Code Large Inset baluster 38.5"H x 6"T x 6"B
BA 0710 A Mardi baluster 28"H x 5.75"T x 6.75"B
BA 0711 A St.Petersburg baluster 34"H x 6"T x 8"B
BA 0712 A Fiddle baluster 32.75"H x 6"T x 7.25"B
BA 0729 A Triangle Baluster Tops (stair installs) n/a
BA 0730 A Rail, Large Rounded (6ft sections) 4"H x 10"W x 6' L
BA 0731 A Rail, Small Rounded (6ft sections) 3"H x 8"W x 6' L
BA 0732 A Rail, Mardi Rounded (6ft sections) 3.5"H x 8"W x 6' L
BA 0733 A Rail, Pitched Top (6ft sections) 3"H x 7.25"W x 6' L
BA 0734 A Rail, Flat Top (6ft sections) 3.5"H x 8"W x 6' L
BA 0735 A Rail, Short Bottom (5ft sections) 4"H x 8"W x 5' L
BA 0736 A Rail, Tall Bottom (4ft sections) 5"H x 8"W x 4' L
BA 0741 A Pier, 8"x8" 43"H x 8"W x 8"L
BA 0742 A Pier, 10"x10" w/ 12" footer 43"H x 12"W x 12"L
BA 0743 A Pier, 12"x12" w/ 14" footer 36"H x 14"W x 14"L
BA 0746 A Pier Cap, Large Rounded Spanish 4"H x 14"W x 14"L
BA 0747 A Pier Cap, 10"x10" 4"H x 10"W x10" L
BA 0748 A Pier Cap, 12"x12" 3"H x 12"W x12" L
BA 0749 A Pier Cap, 14"x14" 3.5"H x 14"W x14" L
BA 0750 A Pier Cap, 16"x16" 4"H x 16"W x16" L
BA 0751 A Pier Cap, 18"x18" 8"H x 18"W x18" L
BA 0752 A Pier Cap, 18"x18" Tiered 4"H x 18"W x18" L
BA 0753 A Pier Cap, 24"x24" 2.5"H x 24"W x24" L
BA 0754 A Pier Cap, 28"x28" 7"H x 28"W x 28" L
BA 0755 A Pier Cap, 30"x30" 8"H x 30"W x 30" L
Columns and Capitols
CO 0765 A Column, Smooth, 12"-10" Tapered 12"base x 10"top x 8' L
CO 0766 A Column, Smooth, 14"-12" Tapered 14"base x 12"top x 8' L
CO 0767 A Column, Fluted, 12"-10" Tapered 12"base x 10"top x 7.5' L
CO 0768 A Column, Fluted, 12"-10" Tapered 12"base x 10"top x 8' L
CO 0769 A Column, Rope, 8" diameter 8" diameter x 8' long
CO 0770 A Column, Rope, 10" diameter 10" diameter x 8' long
CO 0771 A Column, Rope, 12" diameter 12" diameter x 8' long
CO 0772 A Column, Carter Rope, 8" diameter 8" diameter x 6' long
CO 0773 A Column, Carter Fluted, 8" diameter 8" diameter x 7.5' long
CO 0775 A Column Collars, 12" set 5"H x 20"W x 12"ID
CO 0776 A Column Collars, 18" set 5"H x 25"W x 18"ID
CO 0778 A Capitol, Roman Corinthian 14"H x 9"W x 9"L
CO 0779 A Capitol, Roman Corinthian FSM 15"H x 10"W x 10"L
CO 0780 A Capitol, Modern Renaissance Flower 9"H x 8"W x 8"L
CO 0781 A Capitol, Roman Renaissance Composite 14"H x 8"W x 8"L
CO 0782 A Capitol, Italian Renaissance Ionic 6"H x 10"W x 10"L
CO 0783 A Capitol, Roman Corinthian Carter 16"H x 10"W x 10"L
CO 0784 A Capitol, Doric Large 10"H x 12"W x 12"L
CO 0785 A Capitol, Doric Plain 7"H x 10"W x 10"L
CO 0786 A Capitol, Modern Ionic 14.5"H x 10"W x 10"L
CO 0787 A Capitol, Greek Ionic 7.5"H x 13.5"W x 16"L
CO 0788 A Capitol, Base, Doric Small 7"H x 10"W x 10"L
CO 0789 A Capitol, Base, Medium 5.5"H x 15"W x 15"L
CO 0790 A Capitol, Base, Large 6"H x 18"W x 18"L
Figures, animals, etc.
FG 0401 A Egret, xlarge 46"H 95
FG 0402 A Eagle, medium 42"H x 35"W 250
FG 0403 A Eagle, large 48"H x 38"W 500
FG 0404 A Butterfly, large 31"H x 35"W 250
FG 0405 A Bumblebee, large 35"H x 41"W 240
FG 0406 A Flamingo, Head Down 20"H x 18"W 38
FG 0417 A Lion, medium w/ Shield (L & R) 21"H 100
FG 0418 A Lion, xlarge 34"H x 20"W x 35"L 585
FG 0419 A Lion, small JC  13"H x 20"L 70
FG 0425 A Big Joe Tarpon 50"H
FG 0426 A Momma Dolphin 27"H
FG 0427 A Sailfish, large 53"H
FG 0428 A Sleepy Gator 7"H x 22"L
FG 0429 A Monkey w/ Book 20"H x 14"W x 10"L
FG 0430 A Monkey Sitting w/ Cup 32"H x 16"L
FG 0431 A Monkey, Organ Grinder 13"H x 11"W x 19"L 24
FG 0432 A Bulldog (L & R) 17"H x 13"W x 19"L
FG 0433 A Twin Sailfish fountain top 22"H
FG 0435 A Gargoyle w/ Kitty 21"H x 12"L
FG 0436 A Gargoyle, large 22"H x 22"L 109
FG 0437 A Gargoyle, Crouching (L & R) 15"H 59
FG 0438 A Gargoyle, Long Horned 20"H
FG 0439 A Gargoyle, medium 18"H 45
FG 0450 A Adrian 33"H 76
FG 0451 A Atlas 36"H 125
FG 0452 A Aurora on Globe 65"H
FG 0453 A Carmella 38"H 130
FG 0454 A Beth 27"H 74
FG 0455 A Crystal, large 17"H 50
FG 0456 A Crystal, small 14"H 22
FG 0458 A Carter Girl w/ Dolphin 52"H
FG 0459 A Brussels Boy 26"H
FG 0460 A David, small 18"H
FG 0461 A David, large 36"H
FG 0462 A Savannah 29"H
FG 0463 A 3 Graces 48"H 700
FG 0464 A Mermaid w/ Porpoise 24"H 52
FG 0465 A Mermaid w/ Dolphin 21"H
FG 0466 A Samurai 42"H 250
FG 0467 A Sitting Quan Yin 32"H x 25"W 350
FG 0468 A Happy Hoi Toi 52"H 485
FG 0469 A Bacchus Bust 21"H 74
FG 0470 A Venus on the Halfshell 60"H
FG 0471 A Laughing Boy 17"H
Fountains and fountain parts  ( * Z codes indicate a complete fountain )
FT 0201 A Teardrop pedastal 18"H x 20"W 170
FT 0226 A Terrace pedestal 25"H x 8"W 85
FT 0238 A Franklin deluxe pedestal 27"H x 18"W 300
FT 0900 Z Shell fountain, small 45"H x 23"W 160
FT 0901 A Shell bowl, small 13"W 15
FT 0901 B Shell bowl, medium 24"W 80
FT 0901 C Single Dolphin Pedestal 21"H 60
FT 0901 Z Shell fountain, small 2 tier 54"H x 23"W 180
FT 0902 A Belleview bowl 10"H x 33"W 155
FT 0902 B Belleview 2nd tier bowl 7"H x 23"W 65
FT 0902 C Belleview pedestal 22"H x 16"W 170
FT 0902 Z Belleview fountain 63"H x 33"W 390
FT 0903 A Skirted Pineapple 15.5"H 22
FT 0903 C Mission small pedestal 15.5"H x 6.5"W 27
FT 0903 E Mission medium pedestal /pumphouse 16"H x 12"W 84
FT 0903 F Mission large bowl 12.5"H x 48"W 450
FT 0903 G Mission large pedestal 16"H x 16"W 240
FT 0903 Z Mission fountain, 3 tier 63"H x 48"W 923
FT 0907 A Rococo bowl 11"H x 48"W 505
FT 0907 Z Rococo Floral 2 tier 74"H x 48"W 943
FT 0908 Z Floral 3 tier fountain 59"H x 39"W 659
FT 0909 A Floral Pineapple, Large 13.5"H 25
FT 0909 B Floral Pineapple, Small 12.5"H 7
FT 0909 C Floral small bowl 5"H x 21"W 40
FT 0909 D Floral small pedestal 13"H x 8"W 35
FT 0909 E Floral medium bowl 6"H x 27"W 90
FT 0909 F Floral medium pedestal 14"H x 14"W 50
FT 0909 G Floral large bowl 10"H x 41"W 252
FT 0909 H Floral large pedestal 15"H x 22"W 185
FT 0909 I Floral X large bowl 14"H x 64"W 475
FT 0909 J Floral X large pedestal 17"H x 27"W 367
FT 0909 Z Floral 4 tier fountain 80"H x 61"W 1519
FT 0913 Z Three Leaf Deluxe fountain 43"H x 30"W
FT 0914 Z Three Leaf Standard fountain 43"H x 30"W
FT 0915 Z Corner fountain 43"H x 30"W 208
FT 0917 A Sea Scroll bowl 8"H x 23"W 65
FT 0917 B Sea Scroll pedestal 23"H x 14"W 115
FT 0917 Z Sea Scroll fountain 47"H x 23"W 145
FT 0918 A Shell fountain, medium, bowl 6"H x 26.5"W 70
FT 0918 Z Shell fountain, medium 46"H x 26.5"W 154
FT 0919 A Lotus pineapple, large 14"H 22
FT 0919 B Lotus pineapple, small 10"H 11
FT 0919 C Lotus small bowl 3.5"H x 14.5"W 12
FT 0919 D Lotus medium bowl 5.5"H x 27"W 65
FT 0919 E Lotus medium pedestal 15"H x 11"W 85
FT 0919 F Lotus large bowl 9.5"H x 44"W 262
FT 0919 G Lotus large pedestal 19"H x 16.5"W 127
FT 0919 Z Lotus fountain 58"H x 44"W 580
FT 0921 Z Florentine fountain w/ Daphnes 60"H x 30"W
FT 0922 A New Orleans Pineapple 14.5"H 14
FT 0922 B New Orleans small bowl 5"H x 15"W 20
FT 0922 C New Orleans small pedestal 10"H x 7"W 18
FT 0922 D New Orleans medium bowl 7.5"H x 28"W 88
FT 0922 E New Orleans medium pedestal 14"H x 13.5"W 70
FT 0922 F New Orleans large bowl 11.5"H x 48"W 292
FT 0922 G New Orleans large pedestal 17"H x 21"W 210
FT 0922 Z New Orleans fountain 61"H x 48"W 692
FT 0923 Z Belleair fountain 60"H x 33"W 435
FT 0924 Z New Orleans w/ Morella pool 63"H x 68"W 1590
FT 0925 Z Bacchus fountain 42"H x 23"W 188
FT 0928 Z Williamsburg 3 tier fountain 65"H x 47"W 582
FT 0929 A Williamsburg Pineapple 11.5"H
FT 0929 B Williamsburg small bowl 4"H x 15"W 15
FT 0929 C Williamsburg small pedestal 13.5"H x 8"W 18
FT 0929 D Williamsburg medium bowl 4.5"H x 28"W 125
FT 0929 E Williamsburg medium pedestal 16.5"H x 10.5"W 45
FT 0929 F Williamsburg large bowl 9.5"H x 47"W 247
FT 0929 G Williamsburg large pedestal 19"H x 16.5"W 127
FT 0929 H Williamsburg X large bowl 12"H x 67"W 580
FT 0929 I Williamsburg X large pedestal 20"H x 25"W 322
FT 0929 Z Williamsburg 4 tier fountain 84"H x 67"W 1484
FT 0931 A Scallop small bowl 5"H x 13"W 19
FT 0931 B Scallop medium bowl 6"H x 19"W 39
FT 0931 C Scallop large bowl 6"H x 31"W 90
FT 0931 D Scallop pedestal 20"H x 13.5"W 126
FT 0931 Z Scallop 3 tier fountain 50"H x 31"W 285
FT 0932 Z Scallop 2 tier fountain 48"H x 31"W 264
FT 0933 A Reflections pumphouse 24"H x 15"W 45
FT 0933 B Reflections large bowl 7"H x 35"W 120
FT 0933 C Reflections pedestal 24"H x 15"W 135
FT 0933 Z Reflections fountain 53"H x 35"W 310
FT 0935 Z Classic Octagon fountain 61"H x 39"W
FT 0936 Z Seahorse 2 tier fountain 68"H x 27"W 315
FT 0941 Z Floral Shield fountain 36"H x 25"W 506
FT 0942 Z Adriane fountain 52"H x 40"W 344
FT 0944 Z Floral Terrace fountain 47"H x 27"W 219
FT 0945 Z Madison fountain 57"H x 36"W 725
FT 0946 A Desoto pineapple 25"H 52
FT 0946 B Cascade pineapple 19.5"H 51
FT 0946 Z Desoto Cascade fountain 58"H x 48"W 921
FT 0947 Z Desoto Tier fountain 65"H x 48"W 914
FT 0948 A St Augustine pineapple 16"H 10
FT 0948 B St Augustine small pedestal 15"H x 9"W 25
FT 0948 C St Augustine medium pedestal 25"H x 16"W 130
FT 0948 Z St Augustine Tier fountain 55"H x 31"W 294
FT 0950 Z Petersburg Tier fountain 46.5"H x 31"W 267
FT 0952 A Dublin Pedestal 20"H x 24"W 320
FT 0952 Z Dublin fountain 74"H x 49"W 1104
FT 0953 Z Belmont fountain 60"H x 39"W 637
FT 0954 Z Bacchus wall fountain 38"H x 30"W 110
FT 0955 Z Atlantis wall fountain 39"H x 29"W 110
FT 0956 Z Tuscany wall fountain 37"H x 25"W 110
FT 0957 Z Simplicity wall fountain 41"H x 25"W 110
FT 0958 A Melon Bowl, small 8"H x 15"W
FT 0960 Z Gracefalls 2 tier fountain 49"H x 25"W 249
FT 0969 Z Greenman wall fountain 52"H x 65"W 706
FT 0970 A Gothic Hexagon Large bowl 12"H x 38"W 337
FT 0970 B Gothic Large pedastal 18.5"H x 23.5"W 358
FT 0970 C Gothic Medium pedastal 18.5"H x 23.5"W 110
FT 0970 Z Gothic Hexagon 3 tier fountain 58"H x 38"W 842
FT 0971 A Alabama Bowl 15.5"H x 44"W 378
FT 0971 B Alabama Pedestal 12.5"H x 18.5"W 165
FT 0971 Z Alabama fountain 57"H x 44"W 610
FT 0972 Z Alabama fountain w/ English Surround 57"H x 84"W 2032
FT 0973 A Greek Column Pedastal 29"H 143
FT 0973 Z Carmona fountain w/ surround 66"H x 84"W 2438
FT 0974 Z Carmella fountain 66"H x 44"W 1016
FT 0974 Z Carmella fountain w/ surround 66"H x 84"W 2438
FT 0975 Z Carmona Compromise ftn w/ surround 66"H x 84"W 2438
FT 0976 A English Surround Pool, single curved 14"H x 37"L 237
FT 0976 B English Surround Pool, single strait 14"H x 24"L 172
FT 0976 C English Surround Pool, inside corner 14"H x 12"L 110
FT 0976 D English Surround Pool, outside corner 14"H x 12"L 110
FT 0976 Z English Surround Pool, (6 per) 14"H x 84"W 1422
FT 0977 A Acorn Surround Pool, single section 12"H
FT 0977 Z Acorn Surround Pool, 10ft. Dia.   (8 per) 12"H x 120"W
FT 0978 A Thistle Surround Pool, single section 12"H
FT 0978 Z Thistle Surround Pool, 8ft. Dia.  (6 per) 12"H x 96"W
FT 0979 Z Maria K fountain 62"H x 32"W
FT 0980 Z Lionhead Shield Wall fountain 48"H x 52"W
FT 0981 Z Lionhead Shield w/ half pool 60"H x 65"W
FT 0982 A Flower Surround Pool, single section 12"H
FT 0982 Z Flower Surround Pool (6 per) 12"H x 108"W
FT 0983 Z Three Graces / 6 Spill fountain 76"H x 36"W
FT 0984 Z Gothic Round fountain 62"H x 41"W 1082
FT 0985 A 3 Shell Wall small bowl 8"H x 18"W
FT 0985 B 3 Shell Wall medium bowl 14"H x 30"W
FT 0985 C 3 Shell Wall large bowl 18"H x 42"W
FT 0985 Z 3 Shell Wall fountain install size varies
FT 0986 Z Ricardo 3 tier fountain 50"H x 32"W
FT 0987 A Gothic Lionhead Large Bowl 15"H x 41"W
FT 0987 B Gothic Lionhead Medium Bowl 8.5"H x 26"W
FT 0987 Z Gothic Lionhead fountain 66"H x 41"W
FT 0988 Z Rathbone Surround Pool (6 per) 18"H x 108"W
FT 0988 A Rathbone Surround, single section 18"H x 108"W
FT 0989 Z Three Graces / 3-Tier fountain 92"H x 39"W 1174
FT 0990 A Fleur De Lis Pineapple 17"H x 10"W
FT 0991 A Morella Pool 12"H x 68"W 900
FT 0992 A Classic 6-Spill bowl 14"H x 36"W
FT 0993 A Adriane Wall fountain 40"H x 18"W
FT 0994 Z Aurora Fountain 125" H x 10' L x 6' W
Planters, urns, and flowerboxes
PL 0801 A Square Rose planter 19"H x 22"W x 22"L
PL 0802 A Classic Rectangular Thistle flowerbox 12"H x 32"W x 11"L
PL 0803 A Portofino Urn 26"H x 30"W 295
PL 0809 A Thistle urn 27"H x 16"W 117
PL 0810 A Deco pot, large 21"H x 17"W
PL 0811 A Column pot 22"H x 18"W
PL 0812 A Carter urn 37"H x 24"W
PL 0814 A Square Plain planter, xlarge 26.5"H x 24"W x 24"L
PL 0815 A Keyhole Square planter 26.5"H x 24"W x 24"L
PL 0816 A Greek pot, large 18"H x 20"W 110
PL 0817 A Classical planter 17"H x 17"W
PL 0818 A Floral pot 8"H x 12"W
PL 0820 A Nuevo pot, large 22"H x 16"W 115
PL 0821 A Nuevo pot, medium 14"H x 13"W 50
PL 0822 A Oval urn, small 23"H x 20"W x 22"L
PL 0827 A Deco pot, small 13"H x 14"W 40
PL 0828 A Nuevo pot, x large 30"H x 24"W
PL 0829 A Square Lionhead planter, large 20"H x 20"W 500
PL 0830 A Vase, small 14"H x 12"W
PL 0831 A Vase, medium 21"H x 12"W 50
PL 0832 A Square Lionhead planter, medium 16"H x 16"W 125
PL 0833 A Square Lionhead planter, small 14"H x 15"W 108
PL 0834 A Architectural Urn 29"H x 29"W 175
PL 0835 A Floral Shield urn 20"H x 25"W 145
PL 0837 A Garland pot, small 20"H x 22"W
PL 0838 A Garland pot, medium 23"H x 26"W 180
PL 0839 A Garland pot, large 26"H x 32"W 295
PL 0840 A Garland pot, xlarge 31"H x 36"W 422
PL 0841 A Ram's Head urn 28"H x 29"W 189
PL 0842 A Florentine urn, small 14"H x 17"W 100
PL 0843 A Florentine urn, large 19"H x 21"W 157
PL 0844 A Royal Column pot 24"H x 28"W 280
PL 0845 A Square Acorn planter 12"H x 19"W
PL 0846 A Rectangular Acorn planter 12"H x 12"W x 28"L
PL 0847 A Square Thistle planter 12"H x 19"W
PL 0848 A Rectangular Thistle planter 12"H x 12"W x 28"L
PL 0849 A Estate planter 16"H x 16"W x 36"L
PL 0854 A Rectangular Rose Lion flowerbox 13"H x 13"W x 42"L 230
PL 0855 A Round Lion planter 23"H x 27"W 165
PL 0857 A Rococo planter, medium 16"H x 26"W 93
PL 0860 A Rococo planter, large 20"H x 30"W 175
PL 0862 A Jello Mold planter 17.5"H x 13"W
PL 0863 A Scottish Leaf planter 14.5"H x 18"W
PL 0864 A Mediterranean Plain planter 15"H x 20"W
PL 0866 A 3 Legged Urn 27"H x 10"W
PL 0872 A 2 handle pot 15"H x 13"W 28
PL 0873 A 2 handle pot, wide 16"H x 16"W 43
PL 0875 A Black Mold planter 33"H x 17"W
PL 0876 A Pot o' Gold planter, medium 25"H x 26"W
PL 0877 A Pot o' Gold planter, large 32"H x 34"W
PL 0878 A Pot o' Gold planter, small 19"H x 18"W
PL 0880 A Bogott planter 22"H x 22"W
PL 0881 A Mission Urn 15"H x 20"W